Past Events

January 24, 2023 Current Issues in Valuation
William Murray, CPA/ABV/CFF, ASA - Managing Director
December 6, 2022 Secure Act
Kimberly I. McCarthy, Esq.- Washington Trust
May 17, 2022 Estate Planning 2022
Michael T. Clear, Esq.
February 15, 2022 Estate Planning for Modern Families: Planning for Diversity and Flexibility
Wendy S. Goffe, JD, AEP® (Distinguished) Nominee, & Kim Kamin, JD, AEP®
November 16, 2021 Divorce in Connecticut - What Estate and Tax Planners Need to Know
Eva M. DeFranco, Esq.
October 19, 2021 Planning in the Current Uncertain Environment
Martin Shenkman, CPA/PFS, MBA, JD AEP
May 11, 2021 Estate Planning 2021
Daniel L. Daniels, Esq
February 23, 2021 529 Plans and Education Funding Changes
Ross A. Riskin, DBA, CPA/PFS, CCFC, MS Tax
January 12, 2021 Secure Act and Post--Election Planning
Martin Shenkman, CPA/PFS, MBA, JD AEP
November 10, 2020 NAEPC Advanced Estate Planning Strategies
May 19, 2020 Sponsor
May 12, 2020 Estate Planning 2020
Daniel L. Daniels, Esq.
February 25, 2020 Uniform Trust Code (SNOW DATE)
Molly Ackerly, Esq.
February 11, 2020 Uniform Trust Code
Molly Ackerly, Esq.
November 19, 2019 Understanding Special Needs Trusts
James D. Funnell, Jr., Esq
September 24, 2019 Domicile and Residence Issues
Daniel G. Johnson, Esq.
May 7, 2019 Tax Planning Update
Daniel L. Daniels, Esq
February 19, 2019 Estate Planning for the Modern Family - Snow Date
February 5, 2019 Estate Planning for the Modern Family
David W. Thal, Esq.
November 13, 2018 Title XIX
L. Joyelle Maini, Esq.
September 25, 2018 Tax Reform
Paul N. Iannone, Esq.
May 8, 2018 Estate Planning 2018
Daniel L. Daniels
April 24, 2018 Cannon Financial Institute
February 6, 2018 Charitable Planning Essentials to Grow Your Business
Margot Navins of Fidelity Charitable
November 14, 2017 Fraud Impacting Estates, Conservatorships and the Elder Community.
Stephen Pedneault, CPA/CFF, CFE, Forensic Accounting Services, LLC
September 26, 2017 Hot Topics in Business Immigration
Julie Daniel, Esq. Krasnogor & Kransogor LLP
May 9, 2017 Estate Planning 2017
Daniel L. Daniels
March 10, 2017 Test for Paypal
February 21, 2017 Retirement Planning: Strategies to Consider Now for Later
Paul E. Dorr, Jr.
November 15, 2016 Representing Clients with Diminished Capacity
Paul T. Czepiga, Esq.
September 27, 2016 For Tax Purposes Where Do I Want to Live and Why?
Daniel G. Johnson, Esq.
May 10, 2016 Estate Planning 2016
Dan Daniels
February 23, 2016 Elder Care
Joan Garbow
November 17, 2015 Estate Planning for Digital Assets
Susanne Brown Walsh
September 29, 2015 Economic Forecast for Connecticut
Nick Perna
May 12, 2015 Estate and Tax Planning 2015
Daniel L. Daniels, Esq.
February 24, 2015 Marketing Plans for Professionals
Adjunct Professor Stephanie DeBartolomeo
November 18, 2014 Business Succession Planning
Steven I Risbridger, CPA
September 23, 2014 It's Not All Bad News, Divorce as a Tax Planning Opportunity
Connecticut Supreme Court Justice C. Ian McLachlan ret.
May 20, 2014 Estate Planning: Wealth Transfer Strategies and Probate
Jeffrey A. Cooper, Esq.
February 25, 2014 Fiduciaries and Firearms – A Minefield for the Misinformed
Attorney Jeffrey L. Crown
November 19, 2013 The Affordable Care Act
Mark F. Williams of Carmody & Torrance
November 19, 2013 How to Deal with Obamacare
Mark F. Williams of Carmody & Torrance
September 24, 2013 Undue Influence & Exploitation of the Elderly
David Leibell
May 7, 2013 2013 Tax Changes
Daniel L. Daniels
March 12, 2013 Banking on the Next Generation
Stephanie DeBartomoleo
November 13, 2012 Estate Planning in Connecticut
John Ivimey, Esq.
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